Beyond Diversity 101

Beyond Diversity 101 Workshops

Beyond Diversity 101 : 5 Day Intensive

Beyond Diversity 101 sharply breaks from the vicious cycle of guilt, blame and victimhood, both in its curriculum and underlying philosophy. BD 101 participants, regardless of background, are asked to engage with models that challenge traditional notions of how oppression operates. Workshop participants learn to identify, then to begin dismantling, the subtle ways in which apparent victims and apparent oppressors can both perpetuate the classist, sexist, racist and homophobic status quo. more info »


Beyond Diversity 101 : Training for Trainers
(BD101/TfT )

The Beyond Diversity 101 Training for Trainers teaches the skills necessary to facilitate transformational workshops, inspire effective strategic change and deepen the healing process. Over the course of this 10-day training, we will thoroughly examine the activities and the overall design of the BD 101 5-day intensive and there will be opportunities to practice facilitating each primary part. more info »


Beyond Diversity 101 : Creating Organization Readiness

The BD101/COR intensive adapts the BD101 curriculum for direct application to the specific needs of participating organizations. Participant organizations each send a 2-4 member team to the five-day BD101/COR intensive. These individuals can then lend mutual support and accountability to one another while implementing well-crafted goals for institutional change.  These goals will have been seasoned as a team over the course of the five-day workshop and follow-up sessions with their designated BD101/COR Coach. more info »

Beyond Diversity 101 Training



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