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Beyond Diversity 101: 5 Day Intensive

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Beyond Diversity 101

The goal of diversity training should be to nurture into wholeness the separations we currently perceive across class, race and sex.  However, the models traditionally used in diversity training's have tended to instill guilt, assign blame, or vindicate victimhood according to narrowly conceived hierarchies of oppression.  Participants often leave such workshops overwhelmed by negative emotions and even less able to be effective agents for change. 

Beyond Diversity 101 sharply breaks from the vicious cycle of guilt, blame and victimhood, both in its curriculum and underlying philosophy. BD 101 participants, regardless of background, are asked to engage with models that challenge traditional notions of how oppression operates. Workshop participants learn to identify, then to begin dismantling, the subtle ways in which apparent victims and apparent oppressors can both perpetuate the classist, sexist, racist and homophobic status quo. Through a variety of models and well-designed activities, participants will consider unjust and oppressive uses of power at the personal, organizational and societal levels. Together we are empowered by recognizing a dynamic vision of wholeness.

Beyond Diversity 101Within a structure designed to promote both heightened awareness and self-responsibility, the BD 101 experience is grounded in solid theory and a well-tested workshop flow.  During the intensive, there are activities and discussion touching on many aspects of difference, but addressing primarily class, race, sexuality and gender. Too frequently, the tools which diversity workshop trainers have used serve to reinforce the very patterns and beliefs that they seek to dismantle. Therefore, a principal goal in the development of Beyond Diversity 101 has been to foster a clear understanding of the ways in which failed theories and tools obstruct diversity work, and ways in which this work can more effectively be engaged.


"I believe not a day goes by that I am not influenced by the work I’ve done and movement I’ve experienced in the BD 101 community.  Sometimes it’s obvious, and sometimes it doesn’t come to me until later."
~ Betsy Lane-Getaz, BD101 ’04, ’05 & ‘06TfT

Lecture and presentation, large and small group discussion: these intellectual efforts are only one dimension of a holistically conceived curriculum.  Integral and primary to BD 101 is the establishing a circle of mutual respect, good faith and a commitment to deep caring, which is able to sufficiently ‘hold’ the group through both the painful and joyful revelations that arise in the course of the workshop.  The intuitive is honored along side the intellectual.  We especially tend to the body in the midst of this transformational learning. A massage therapist is on the BD101 staff during the course of the workshop, providing one-on-one sessions.  Music and expressive movement, yoga and qi gong, as well as activities out of doors, are integrated into each day’s schedule. Care is taken to select workshop environs that are comfortable, where nourishing food is served. Each aspect of the intensive is designed to support, in as holistic a manner as possible, the deep work of the participants.


BD101 Overview

(A) Form & Foundation our workshop community
(B) Form on-going learning groups
(D) Introduce and practice the Three Circle Model
  Day 1 Activities include:

  • Movement
  • Honoring and Bringing Ourselves In
  • Introducing goals and FRAMEWORKS
  • Scenes from the film & analysis
  • Interaction with ASPECTS OF IDENTITY

(E) Define and understand in greater depth KEY DIVERSITY TERMS
(G) Practice using FRAMEWORKS in order to increase ability to perceive and to identify complex dynamics playing out in real time
(H) FRAMING THE INTERVENTION ~ How big of a job are we signing on for? (within ourselves and in the world at large)
(I) Explore SEXUALITY & the significance of this lens

  Day 2 Activities include:

  • Movement
  • Unloosing Our Terminology ~ a BD101 theatre game
  • Discussion of key FRAMEWORKS
  • Continue with film
  • What’s Sexuality Got to Do with it?”

(J) Review previously presented models and reinforce the learning
(K) Understand how to move BEYOND GUILT & BLAME ~ a very different approach
(L) Stimulate new ways of thinking about essential identity
(M) Application of this new thinking – An INTENSIVE LABORATORY experience

Day 3 Activities include:

  • Movement
  • In-depth practice in diagnosing core issues
  • Interactive practice in USE OF POWER
  • Experience diversity workshop tools grounded in the oppressor model and methods of constructively transforming that dynamic

(N) Review previously presented models and reinforce the learning
(P) Learn effective Workshop Design & Facilitation
(Q) Practice in Facilitation

Day 4 Activities include:

  • Movement
  • In-depth work with small learning groups
  • Work in Design Teams
  • Participate in activities designed by fellow workshop members

(R) Practice in Giving and Receiving Feedback ~ essential skills
(S) Skills Assessment and Consideration of Back-Home work
(T) Learning Review & Documentation
(U) Closing and Appreciation

Day 5 Activities include:

  • Movement
  • In-depth work with small learning groups
  • Work in Design Teams
  • Participate in activities designed by fellow workshop members

* [BD101 is a highly experiential and flexible workshop responding to the needs of participating individuals, groups and organizations.  This Overview is intended to provide an idea of what one might expect over the course of the 5-Day Intensive.  One should also expect changes.]



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