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Beyond Diversity 101 : Creating Organization Readiness

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The BD101/COR intensive adapts the BD101 curriculum for direct application to the specific needs of participating organizations. Participant organizations each send a 2-4 member team to the five-day BD101/COR intensive. The commitment of a team, rather than a lone individual, establishes within the sponsoring organizations internal networks of men and women who have undertaken the BD101/COR training and planning process together. These individuals can then lend mutual support and accountability to one another while implementing well-crafted goals for institutional change. These goals will have been seasoned as a team over the course of the five-day workshop and follow-up sessions with their designated BD101/COR Coach.

What are the goals and philosophy of Beyond Diversity 101?

BD101The Organization teams are each assigned a BD101/COR Action and Accountability Coach [COR Coach] who will:

  • Conduct a pre-session interview
  • Provide private facilitation/coaching over the course of the 5-day intensive
  • Follow-up in three sessions back-home in order to sustain progress in implementation

During private breakout sessions with individual coaches, and in large-group activities, the teams work to clarify the purpose of their diversity initiatives.  They build skills of analysis and intervention for the specific challenges of their home institutions, and they strengthen their capacity to sustain progress through all phases of deep organization change.

Effective strategic planning should align the organization’s functions with its core purpose or mission.  Effective diversity training should leverage staff creativity and the increased contributions which come when all staff members are well-valued, utilized and appreciated.  Solid strategic and diversity plans will result in 360° Mission Effectiveness.  Over the course of the five days, organizational teams and their COR Coach work to eliminate dysfunctional separations across class, race, gender and sexuality, as well as address perceived separations among institutional divisions: finance, human resources, program and governance, etc.  BD101/COR encourages the hard choices about what will be maintained, changed, or discontinued in order to strengthen whole-system alignment. BD101/COR aims for peak performance throughout the organization by recognizing true interconnection.

BD101/COR – 5 Day Overview

Part I – Grounding in the BD101 transformational model of Diversity Competence

Day 1 – Afternoon &/or Evening

(A) Form & Foundation our workshop community
(B) Introduce Goals, BD101 Frameworks & Philosophy
(C) Define and understand in greater depth KEY DIVERSITY TERMS

Day 2 – Morning/Afternoon/Evening

(D) Begin exploration of IDENTITY and THE FORMATION OF VALUING
(F) Explore SEXUALITY & the importance of this lens
(G) BD101 Intensive Laboratory
(H) Case Studies & Films – Practice in using all of the FRAMEWORKS

Part II – Application within the Organizational Contexts

Day 3 – Morning/Afternoon/Evening (Shifting to our Organization Contexts)

(I) How to move beyond guilt and blame ~ a very different approach
(J) Review learning’s and discuss appropriate application
(K) FRAMING THE INTERVENTION  ~ How big of a job are we signing on for? Understanding the difference between CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

Move into Organization Teams

(L) Vision for the work going forward

Day 4 – Morning/Afternoon/Evening (ORGANIZATION PLANNING)

Note: Prior to arrival, each organizational team will have worked with their COR Coach and will be at different stages of strategic diversity planning. Though most of the work of Day 4 takes place in organizational teams, participants will benefit from periodically checking in as a whole group for feedback, recommendations and the accelerated creativity that can be triggered by broadly engaging with other points of view.

(M) Using the BD101 New Vision Analysis & Action Planning as a guide, teams will address the following:

  • Mind-map the Current Organization Reality
  • Designate Key Areas for Change or Transformation
  • Rethink work systems
  • Consider others that need to be leaders, partners, allies, etc.
  • Decide & design at least two ACTIVATORS (transforming action steps, one or two of which can hopefully be taken rather immediately!)


(O) Full Group Closing for the day

Day 5 – Morning

(P) Guest speaker – A Story of Success (in progress)
(Q) The Beehive with Heart ~ an opportunity for each person to receive the gift of feedback & commit to personal action steps
(R) Closing Team session
(S) Closing Full Group session


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