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Beyond Diversity 101 : Training for Trainers
Beyond Diversity 101 Training for Trainers

"It was more than useful. It was healing."

As trainers, managers, or teachers, how do we design diversity workshops that do not dead-end in guilt or blame, but break the cycle of oppression and injustice?

The Beyond Diversity 101 Training for Trainers teaches the skills necessary to facilitate transformational workshops, inspire effective strategic change and deepen the healing process. Over the course of the ten-days, we will thoroughly examine the activities and the overall design of the BD 101 5-day intensive and there will be opportunities to practice facilitating each primary part. Beyond Diversity 101 Training for Trainers



Through practice and feedback, participants expand their facilitator’s repertoire with new theoretical frameworks and dynamic workshop tools. These practice and feedback sessions also afford the trainers a profound opportunity to identify and remove internal blocks to their fully and effectively answering the call to this transformative work. 

Throughout the ten-day intensive, BD 101 TfT shines a clear light on the various ways we as trainers internalize, collude with, hide from, and resist the oppressive systems that we may be seeking to transform. Participants will not only increase their self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses as trainers, but also gain a greater appreciation for how their demeanor and facilitation style impacts others. Participants learn the key elements distinguishing change from transformation, and learn key theoretical underpinnings.

Time is set aside to work with back-home situations as case studies, with opportunities to design fresh interventions - workshops, one-on-one consultations, long-term processes. 

"I came into this clear that whether I wanted to be or not, I have been called to do this work.  Part of the gift (of BD101) for me has been the support to be in that truth."Beyond Diversity 101 Training for Trainers

  • Practice workshop design and facilitation.
  • Get a clear assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses in doing this work.
  • Examine how complex and challenging concepts can be progressively and sensitively introduced, so that understanding builds in an organic manner.
  • Learn how and when to include a broad range of teaching modalities within a workshop, including films, articles, games and activities, small and large group work, as well as movement and bodywork.
  • Gain a thorough grounding in the exercises and techniques of the BD 101 five-day course, through directly teaching key concepts, frameworks and spiritual principles on which the BD101 approach is founded.

*BD 101 TfT is open to those who have completed at least one five-day Beyond Diversity 101 Training intensive. There are occasionally 10-Day offerings that include both the 5-Day Intensive and the Training for Trainers.

"My expectations and intentions were exceeded. I gained a deeper understanding of the frameworks and how the pieces fit together as a whole. So, my head got it better than ever before. I came in hoping for a gradual awakening and came out more awake than I can ever remember."

"It was more than useful.  It was healing.  It was transformative and I believe the effects will continue to be healing and transformational for me."



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