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Beyond Diversity 101"Outstanding Facilitation"

"BD101 spoke profoundly to my spiritual needs as a Friend of color"

"I have gotten a far deeper understanding of the gifts I have been given and how they will support me in doing this work"

"I feel more grounded in my knowledge and knowing"

"Its taking me less time to ‘wake up’ and see what is going on in myself, others and at the societal level"

"I have seen a new way of doing diversity work"

"The bodywork helped to make my mind more supple and willing"

"The first BD101 gave me a new model…my second BD101 helped me see even more possibilities and pushed me much further towards my own wholeness"

"The BD101 Frameworks are tools that I find myself using more and more frequently"

"I love the intensity of the workshop, putting everything else aside for 4 – 5 days and just focus on learning about myself, others and the world"

Beyond Diversity 101"I now have tools and language for articulating what is happening in groups"

"I am more aware, more equipped, more sensitive and stronger in my work at school. I left the BD101 with a better tool set and now I put them to use."

"The learning’s and experiences of BD101 were powerfully present and made a huge difference in my ability to be calm and sane in the face of loud hatred of gay bashers at a Gay Rights rally."


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